Saturday, June 8, 2013

Bohemian Romance in my living room- Susan Brown

I have been lusting after a painting by Susan Brown for many years. About a month ago after selling some things, and between monetary crisis's I decided to buy a painting of hers for over the living room fireplace.

The room came with deep red, painted over wallpaper, walls (which I haven't had the energy to change and deal with) and since much of my furniture was blue, the room felt too traditional for me. To lighten it up I added touches of chartreuse. I have a green crackle finish mirror over the fireplace and just felt like the painting would suit me so much more.

After a harrowing wait time in which it appeared the post office had perhaps lost the painting, it arrived and I was thrilled. Only one problem, it's about a foot longer than the space intended for. Although I can pack a full car like nobody's business, I am known my having no concept of size in my own space.

So yesterday, after having it lean next to the firelace for a couple of weeks I finally hung it elsewhere in the room and am still looking to switch out the mirror one of these days.


femme hesse said...

What great taste you have!!! I love red rich.
I wish the painting fit, it would look great in that room :)

Heaven's Walk said...

That pretty painting with the chartreuse really brings a pop of color to your pretty living room - and compliments your red walls just perfectly, Molly! So pretty! Love the scene out your living room windows, too! (sigh!) lol

xoxo laurie