Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What Was the Best Ever Shabby Tole Hamper

I found this amazing shabby, tole hamper at a neighbor downtown shop, The Thrifty Patriot, and was so excited about incorporating it into my bedroom. Look at that sweet rose bouquet painted on the front. 

I only have this picture from their Facebook page, because while I was gone for a girl's weekend at the beach,  my husband wanted to surprise me by freshly painting it. And he did. Have I mentioned, I don't like surprises. 

Laugh or cry and never let them see you cry, is what I often say. 

You'll see it soon for sale in my space at The Shops at 123 Hay Street, freshly painted and sans the rose.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Pink Flamingoes

 I just love these shabby old concrete flamingos. Lucked up on them at an estate sale last year. They had some cracks, but BA fixed them. Just now put them in the front yard. Sometimes when I really love something it takes me awhile to put it out. I know that sounds odd. Wish I was a better photographer, they are the palest of pale pinks with some yellow and blue. The planter area looks barren, the calla lilies are just starting to come up and I haven't filled in with any annuals.