Thursday, December 10, 2009

Susan Franzblau, Downtown Pioneer

Today I had the extreme pleasue of having lunch with a woman I admire greatly and just love, Susan Franzblau. Susan is a professor at UNC-Fayetteville State University and a feminist social developmental psychologist.   Susan lives in a fabulous 2 floor loft across the street from Rude Awakening, and before we'd ever bought our building had rehabbed hers and was living downtown blazing the way for us and others to follow.
Susan is smart, funny, strong, giving, and one of my favorite people. Unfortunately being busy we seldom have time to get together and hang out. So today was a treat! I always enjoy our talks and hearing her take on things, often the same as mine and some times different. In addition to her professorship, Susan owns  Om Yoga Studio on Hay Street and is the mother of actress, Rena Sofer.
One of the things we talked about was her upcoming retirement and move to California this summer. She is happy and excited about moving to a town that embraces independent retailers and eschews chains and pioneers organic living. I am sad at the thought of Fayetteville losing this phenomenal woman. California will be richer for having her and we will feel the void of her leaving. Her building is for sale and hopefully a wonderful downtown-minded person/people will buy it, but it won't be like looking across the street and knowing that Susan is right-over-there if I need her.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Favorite Chairs

I've spent a good part of my nights this year reading and rereading Carolyn Quartermaine's book Unwrapped and longing for the tall ceilings of my old house and some of the stunningly gorgeous script fabrics by Carolyn Quatermaine. So when I saw this wonderful linen printed with script that looks like it's from the signing of the Declaration of Independence at Renee's in Aberdeen, I had to have it knowing the perfect project for it- a pair of tired-gold velvet chairs I'd seen in an antiques store. My upholsterer hated me when I brought the project to them, but their results are phenomenal and I'm in love. I still need to paint the chair legs (as soon as I decide between black or brown). My pictures aren't good and I'll get some better ones posted. Love 'em! I'll keep hoping to luck up on a some of CQ's colorful fabric for some accent pillows one of these days...

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