Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Come downtown on Saturday for Trick-or-Treat and squeeze in a little shopping at the same time. The stores and merchants give away candy in a environment that's safe an fun.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

THE Mirror

I had to have it! It doesn't fit in my house (or alot of people's) and I don't have a garage (luckily a friend does). It is gorgeous and it is huge, the size of the pick-up truck, 9 feet by 7-1/2 feet. Wonderful carved silver molding frame about 8 inches thick. Husband estimates it weighs about 800 pounds. The picture is with the door it won't fit through.

Fabulous is the word. Wish my pictures were better.

Now what to do? It won't fit in the store either. I'm thinking of building a room around it. lol

More than likely, I will offer it for sale after a while. In the meanwhile I'll admire it & ponder the possibilities.