Saturday, June 22, 2013

Garden in the Window

I'm rained out this morning from going to yard sales or working in the yard. So going to try and get some things listed on etsy and ebay today. This is the view of my living room window, as I'm on the computer.

I showed you some pictures of this tropical plant that had produced blooms at Christmas time. There aren't as many this time, but they are stunning, a beautiful coral that I could not capture in my photos.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Bohemian Romance in my living room- Susan Brown

I have been lusting after a painting by Susan Brown for many years. About a month ago after selling some things, and between monetary crisis's I decided to buy a painting of hers for over the living room fireplace.

The room came with deep red, painted over wallpaper, walls (which I haven't had the energy to change and deal with) and since much of my furniture was blue, the room felt too traditional for me. To lighten it up I added touches of chartreuse. I have a green crackle finish mirror over the fireplace and just felt like the painting would suit me so much more.

After a harrowing wait time in which it appeared the post office had perhaps lost the painting, it arrived and I was thrilled. Only one problem, it's about a foot longer than the space intended for. Although I can pack a full car like nobody's business, I am known my having no concept of size in my own space.

So yesterday, after having it lean next to the firelace for a couple of weeks I finally hung it elsewhere in the room and am still looking to switch out the mirror one of these days.