Sunday, February 13, 2011

Red High Heels

These days I no longer wear high heels (2 inches are my tops) and my shoes are bought more for comfort than style. But this red high heel tape dispenser must define who I am to friends and family. I received 4 of them along with 4 of these post-it purse shaped dispensers as Christmas gifts.

I took one of the purses to the coffee shop, because my girls there love some post-its and I hardly ever get them any (I have this thing where I want them writing in a notebook so we can go back to it).

The next week a couple of them go to our local office supply store for markers and see the purse and shoe. They bring me back the shoe tape dispenser, so proud that they had gotten me the perfect gift (of course not knowing I had received 4 of them already).

I think I'm flattered.

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