Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Keep or sell... birdcages

I have always had a fondness for big old birdcages and have had a handful come my way and always sold them. Then last year I got this one and decided to keep it (if only for a while...).

Perfect. Of course my plans for it holding a lush houseplant are thwarted by the fact that the door opening is about 4 inches wide, thus the 3 African violets looking very short until I can find something I like to replace them.

Then along comes this wonderful cage said to come from the Biltmore estate in Asheville when they did away with their aviary.

OK, kept the last one so nothing to do but take this one to the store. As a natural collector, what I have learned is it's best to not ever have one. But if I ever do have one I cannot have two, this I know about myself, because two always becomes more than two.

So it's good- two great birdcages one to keep and one to sell, until I see this one...

OMG, be still my beating heart... this one is chippy, shabby fabulous. Too much snow didn't make for a good picture, but take my word for it.

I should sell it, after all it's what I do, find fab stuff and sell it. But no, after a couple of weeks it still is at the house. And you know what's worse? Now I'm contemplating bring the Biltmore one home, too.

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French Hen Farm said...

They are beautiful! I would keep them and get a couple of those pretty little finches and keep them in the store. i was in a store recently that had a pretty birdcage with those little birds. My kids were facinated. I was able to shop while they watched the birds. and I haven't stopped thinking about them since. i have been looking for a pretty cage now myself to get a couple little birds!
Have a wonderful weekend!