Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Perhaps my biggest bargain ever

In 1984, I joined the ZZ Top fan club as a Lifetime Member for $100.00. That was a lot of money then, about a week's take home pay for a at-the-time single mom. What you got for your one time payment of $100.00 was-
  • Autographed 8x10 photograph by band
  • Hand signed lithograph poster by ZZ Top and poster artist
  • Newsletters
  • Pewter Fan Club Pin
  • Satin Tour Jacket w/ your name embroidered on the front (now wish I had ordered a larger size)
  • Misc. Promo items- like stickers, postcards and holiday card
  • 2 Tickets and 2 After Show Passes for EACH TOUR as long as ZZ Top is a performing band.
Through the years and management changes, some things like the newsletters and promo stuff have gone by the wayside.

We went and saw them last Thursday night in Charlotte. Great seats but no passes for this show. Great concert. We look forward to the next tour and seeing them again.

So glad I scraped it together to join.

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NeverTooOld said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! You've a new stalker, er uh, follower! lol. Love your blog and hope to see you around! Have a marvy Wednesday!